Learn why you should Vote Brian Sword in the upcoming Municipal Election for South Marysburgh and Prince Edward County

I love the County and I love my home in South Maryburgh.  I have been blessed to find such an amazing place to live and watch my children grow.  It is watching their joy and love of our community and County that has driven me to want to serve the people of South Marysburgh and Prince Edward County.

Since moving here in 2016, I have witnessed a transformation taking place in the County that is reminiscent of my old home of Vancouver; a transformation that includes both good and the not-so-good.  We are a community in flux and struggling with what that means for all of us.  My hope is to ensure that the people who live and work and raise their families here are represented by those elected to represent them, not the money that comes from elsewhere.  I want to make sure my children have a County to call home, a place they afford to live in, with jobs, services, and schools that provide what our residents need.  I know the issue is complex as we rely upon tourism money for many people’s livelihoods, but I firmly believe we need to ensure that we balance our desire for more tourist dollars with what is best for those who call this wonderful place home.  There is an important distinction between outsiders investing in the County and those who use the County for their investments.  We need the former, we need to be cautious of the latter.

It is the job of Council to look out for the best interests of all residents of the County, regardless of wealth or status, and I believe I am ready to stand up for our residents over money and business. Please stay tuned as I update this site with specific policy stances and ideas for the County.  I know it is my job to show you that I am willing, able, and ready to serve you.